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Looking for Your Owner’s Guide?
An owner’s guide can come in handy should you ever need more information about your Trane system.

Indoor Units - Furnaces & Air Handlers
Includes the following products: XC95m, XV95, XT95, XR95, XB90, XC80, XV80, XL80, XT80, XR80, XB80, XV80 Oil, XP80, Hyperion XL, Hyperion XR, Hyperion XB
Trane Indoor Units Owner's Guide

Outdoor Units - Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps
Includes the following products: XL20i, XL16i, XL15i, XR15, XR13, XB14, XB13, XB300
Trane Outdoor Units Owner's Guide

All-in-One / Packaged Units
Includes the following products: XL16c Gas/Electric, XL16c EarthWise™, XL16c Heat Pump, XL14c Gas/Electric, XL14c EarthWise™, XL14c Heat Pump, XL14c AC, XL13c Gas/Electric, XL13c Heat Pump, XL13c AC, XR13h Heat Pump, XB13c Gas/Electric, XB13c Heat Pump, XB13c AC
Trane All-in-One - Packaged Units Owner's Guide

Ductless Systems
Also referred to as a mini-split, they are an increasingly popular, cost-effective solution to replace inefficient baseboard electric heating and window air conditioners in older homes. They are also used in new construction and home additions. Product brochure

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