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HVAC Maintenance, Installation, and Repair Services

Is It Time for New HVAC Installation?

Have you noticed any of the following in your home?

  • Particularly hot or cold spaces in your home.
  • Unreasonably high utility bills.
  • Home isn’t as comfortable as it used to be.
  • Air flow isn’t blowing as strong as it should be.

If so, it may be time for heating and cooling repair or replacement.

A worn or faulty HVAC system can cause higher utility bills and uneven air circulation in your home. Whether your current HVAC system has reached the end of its run or it’s struggling to hold on, we can connect you with the Trane product that’ll be the best fit for your home.

We’re a proud Trane Comfort Specialist dealer, and we prefer using Trane products in our own homes. If you’re in the market for a new home comfort system or Climax heating and cooling, we offer the full product range of Trane HVAC residential equipment. With Swaim Electric Heating & AC, you can buy, install, and service your Trane home comfort system with the same team rather than contacting multiple businesses for HVAC installation or HVAC maintenance near me.

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Investing in high-quality upfront will help you save on costly and inconvenient repairs and even replacements down the road. We also offer maintenance contracts to help you maintain the warranty on your HVAC system and keep your equipment in shipshape for the long haul.

Replacing your HVAC with a quality system that’ll keep your home comfortable for years to come isn’t cheap. Rather than encouraging you to waste money on lower-quality products and services that cost less upfront, we can offer you a very competitively priced high-quality Trane system that will be guaranteed to work properly for many years and offer special financing on your purchase to help you afford the best system for your home. Financing is provided with approved credit by Wells Fargo Financial National Bank, an Equal Housing Lender.

Enjoy Smart Savings with Annual Heating and AC Service

It’s easy to prep for residential HVAC installation, once you’ve found the perfect unit to cool your home all summer long, and keep things cozy during the winter months. However, once you’ve found the perfect Trane unit to service your home, it’s important to keep up with HVAC maintenance. HVAC maintenance near me does more than protect your unit – it guarantees the comforts of the home all year long.

However, outside of annual service, it’s good to take proactive measures and make sure you are paying attention to the needs of your unit. Once your system is installed, your air conditioner and heater can still experience minor issues if not cared for properly. Taking the proper precautions, outlined below, will help you monitor costs and keep your home energy efficient.

Annual HVAC Maintenance Tips

As certified Trane residential HVAC installation specialists, Swaim Electric can provide a variety of heating and cooling repair services in Greensboro to help keep your HVAC up and running. But, after the initial HVAC installation, there are a few things to keep in mind throughout the year, so your AC and heat can operate all year long.

Pay Attention to Smells and Sounds

  • The number one warning sign for HVAC repair near me is unusual smells and sounds within your unit. For example, if your heating system runs, but sounds forced, it might be due to an internal problem like damaged gears. Alternatively, if your cooling system runs and produces musty smells, it might be from your air filters or outside debris affecting your unit.

How Are the Air Filters?

  • Your air filters are very important – they control air quality, and how much heating and air is actually being blown into your home. Checking your air filters and air ducts regularly will ensure you’re never compromising on quality or temperature, no matter what happens.

Check the Thermostat

  • Your thermostat is actually going to reveal what’s going on with your HVAC faster than anything – if the temperature doesn’t drop or spike quickly, something is definitely going on with your unit. Keep tabs on your thermostat, and consider smart thermostats if you’re not one to adjust the temperature before you leave home.
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Monitor Your Bills

  • Everyone loves low energy bills, so if you notice an unusually high bill at the end of each month, something is definitely going on with your unit. If you’re not great at regulating the temperature, that might be the initial problem, but generally, other forces are at work if you keep tabs on your temperature while you’re away.

Additionally, have a Preventative HVAC Maintenance Checklist handy. An annual checklist will help keep your heating and air conditioning up and running all year round and avoid unnecessary problems that occur throughout the year. If you’re looking for heating and air conditioner repair, Swaim Electric is the HVAC contractor near me for the job. 

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Peace of Mind with Certified Trane Installers

Buying a certified Trane system does more than cool down or heat up your home – it means signing up for a service partnership that will keep your unit running for years to come, and investing in a high-quality product that will get the job done.

Part of achieving comfort, and peace of mind, means making a hefty investment. The right foundation makes all the difference, and buying a Trane unit provides your home with the ultimate heating, air, and service, for years to come.

While many service technicians walk away after the initial HVAC installation costs and service are complete, HVAC service goes far beyond installation at Swaim Electric. As Trane comfort specialists, we will oversee the installation and annual HVAC maintenance of your Trane unit, making sure those small service issues never become unmanageable.

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