Generac Generator Installation in Greensboro, NC

How do you handle a power outage?

Imagine you’re at home, spending time with family when suddenly the lights go out. Are you left in the dark without access to all the things that make home feel like home? 

Sure, not being able to charge your tablet or phone can be irritating, but what about the rest of your valuable resources?

Running water, a functional HVAC Greensboro unit, important medical devices, and other resources that keep your home up and running aren’t optional – they’re necessities.

Without a reliable standby generator for your home, you not only risk losing these important resources but increased potential costs and damage to your home, such as:

  • Spoiled food
  • Risk of frozen or damaged pipes
  • Increased long term damage to your home appliances
Generac Generator unit

Combined, these risks are just too much for anyone to handle on their own. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about losing what matters most when you invest in a Generac backup generator from Swaim Electric.

A home generator installation can provide the peace of mind and protection you need when the lights go out, and simplify the complications that come with power outages. If you’ve been looking for reliable support and generator installation in Greensboro, North Carolina, Swaim has you covered.

We believe in providing you quality products and services, long before and after your generator installation. You shouldn’t have to shuffle around from service to service, trying to get your generator installed. Instead, you can rely on Swaim every step of the way, and stop wondering what could happen the next time you lose power.

What to expect during Home Generator Installation

What is the timeline of my generator installation?

Installing your generator won’t take more than a few weeks from our first consultation to the final inspection, and involves around 3 to 4 visits from your Swaim Electric technician to complete the process. Depending on whether or not you have an existing natural gas connection, we can help set that up for your home, so be sure to take that under consideration when you schedule appointments and set a timeline for your generator installation. 

In order to keep everything running smoothly on our end, keep a few things in mind prior to installation, such as:

  • Making sure you have all required code inspections
  • Know the best place to install your generator, so it’s close enough to your gas and electric lines
  • Making sure you have gas installation lined up so your generator can start working right away

The best part about our services? They continue long after your generator installation. Because we’re a Generac Generator Certified company, we oversee all aspects of your generator, including gas line installation, and any follow up maintenance your unit requires. One of our additional services are annual maintenance contracts, that offer lots of long term maintenance benefits.

Customer Reviews

Di PetersDi Peters
16:27 12 Dec 21
Installed a generator for us. Did a fabulous job. People were extremely knowledgeable and professional. They install dozens per week so they are VERY prepared. Wonderful follow-up. Best communication I’ve ever had with any company. You are totally informed on what will happen when. One of the best priced too.
Willard FeneganWillard Fenegan
17:55 04 Nov 21
Craig arrived first to install my new Generac home generator. He started wiring my new transfer switch inside, working quickly and constantly, doing everything neatly. Jacob arrived later and started working on the generator placement outside. They both ran the heavy wiring from the transfer switch, through the outside wall, and to the generator. Everything was done very neatly. They never stopped for any kind of break. They never had to ask each other what was needed next. They just knew. When they finished the installation later that afternoon, they cleaned up thoroughly. I, the home owner, watched pretty constantly everything and was extremely impressed with the whole project. Both men were so pleasant, well mannered, and polite. Sure wish all work could be done like they did it! They get 5 stars from me! THANKS!
Joseph HedgpethJoseph Hedgpeth
20:49 11 Oct 21
Generec maintenance- Shawn did the best maintenance (10 out of 10) He carefully cleaned and waxed inside and out, didn’t spill oil and wiped areas that others would have missed. He was knowledgeable, polite, and answered all questions. I have requested him for all maintenance in the future.Don’t let competition lure him away.Tammy is wonderful to speak with on the phone. She is polite , easy to work with and very knowledgeable about company polices. She also deserves a10.I was disappointed that the company did not know NC policy that the generator had to be > 10 feet from a propane tank that I had. I had to have it removed and will now have to install natural gas logs. This has caused me to be disappointed with the company but not the employees I have dealt with.Joseph R.Hedgpeth
George CraigGeorge Craig
20:09 04 Oct 21
Tammy… outstanding ability to promote the business place she works for and the care and concern she has to the customer and her place of business. Kudo’s to Tammy.
Jackie WagonerJackie Wagoner
22:49 17 Jul 21
Excellent customer service!!!! Very helpful. I feel they went above and beyond to fix my problem. I would highly recommend them.
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