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No surprises, no unexpected problems–just consistent, reliable maintenance of your home systems.
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There’s nothing worse than an expensive bill for a broken HVAC system or whole-home generator. Whether you’re moving into the cold of winter or the heat of summer, you want to know that your HVAC system is working properly and free of defects or problems that could cause a total system failure.

With a maintenance contract, you can have peace of mind that your regular HVAC and whole home generator maintenance is keeping everything fully operational and in good condition, maximizing the lifespan of your system. The ability to monitor the exact condition of your HVAC system or whole-home generator will make it much easier to prepare for an upgrade, repair, or replacement when the time comes.

No surprises, no unexpected problems–just consistent, reliable maintenance of your home systems.

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The Importance of HVAC and Generator Maintenance

The problem with most HVAC systems and whole-home generators is that you often don’t know there is an issue until it’s too late. You’ll realize something is wrong when you hear a clunking sound, feel reduced hot or cold air output, have the unit completely shut down, or fail to power on.

Some of the most common problems homeowners face with their HVAC units and generators include:

The average homeowner does not have the expertise necessary to handle some of these more complex problems, many of which can escalate until they cause potentially irreversible damage. Those are the replacement bills no one wants!
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How Much is a Total HVAC Replacement?

With the average cost of replacing an HVAC system hovering around $7,000, that’s a significant price tag for a new system.

The price can range anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000+, depending on the size of the central air unit being installed. Of course, if you’re installing a more complex system–such as a variable speed or communicating HVAC system, ductless mini-split, or geothermal unit–the cost can become considerably higher to replace your existing system.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier to prevent the problems before they happen? Instead of worrying about if or when mechanical issues are going to pop up or systems begin to fail, you can schedule regular maintenance to ensure you’re staying on top of whatever issues might arise. That’s where a routine maintenance contract with Swaim Electric comes in handy.

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Why You Need Reliable Generator and HVAC Maintenance Contracts

HVAC contracts and scheduled generator maintenance come in handy for busy professionals and homemakers who want to ensure their systems are always operating at maximum efficiency. Research shows that regular maintenance can reduce HVAC energy costs by anywhere between 5 and 40%, as well as extend the effectiveness of the equipment.

Maintenance contracts help you uphold the warranty coverage on your HVAC system or generator so if it ever breaks, you won’t be hit with any expensive surprises due to improper or inadequate maintenance voiding your warranty. Best of all, you’ll form a longstanding relationship with a trusted team of technicians who will treat your home like their own.

You’ll live your happy home life knowing that your HVAC system is in top-notch condition and your generator is always ready to be powered up when you need it. No hassles, no fuss, just consistent, reliable operation from these important systems.

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