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North Carolina weather can be unpredictable. Even though we’re one of the most beautiful states in the south, we can experience all four seasons in a day, plus the occasional patch of inclement weather. So, what happens when a major storm hits the Carolinas, leaving your home and your family at risk of power loss? Instead of waiting for the power to come back on, we have the long-term solution you need to stay secure – generator installation.

When you lose power for a while, you’re not just sitting in the dark – you, your family, and your home are left completely vulnerable. Whole house generators are capable of giving you and your family total protection and peace of mind when you need it most. Instead of losing access to your electricity, HVAC, and valuable amenities, you’ll be able to continue living worry-free.

Our high-quality and incredibly durable whole home generators are ideal for homeowners in the Jordan Lake, NC area. Instead of being at risk of power loss, you and your family can enjoy the comforts of home at all times. At Swaim Electric, we currently service the following areas near Jordan Lake, including:

  • Pittsboro NC
  • Apex NC
  • Chapel Hill NC
  • Durham NC
  • Fearrington NC
  • Moncure NC

If you’re searching for generator installation near you, Swaim Electric is happy to help bring you and your family the comforts of home at all times.

Benefits of Generator Installation

Nothing’s as frustrating as power loss. Between sitting in the dark, losing access to heating and AC, certain electronics, or medical equipment, losing power can be incredibly debilitating. If you’re ready to take back control in these situations, a whole house generator is the perfect solution for you.

Generators give you back the freedom to enjoy everyday life as you know it. Instead of searching for candles and flashlights, you can still see and move around comfortably in your home once the power goes out.

One of the best benefits of whole home generators is that they don’t have to be manually switched on and off every time the lights go out. Whole-home generators have something called a transfer switch, which instantly transfers power over to your generator once the power goes off. You might have to wait a few moments, but the lights and power will come back on in no time. Compared to a portable generator, which has to be powered manually and run on a limited power supply, whole-home generators are fully equipped to keep you and your family safe and comfortable.

generator installation whole house generator

A whole-home generator does more than keep the lights on. The additional benefits of a whole-house generator include:

  • No loss in perishable goods
  • Access to crucial medical equipment like CPAP machines
  • Pet safety – pets who need heat lamps or air filter stay safe
  • Temperature comfort – no loss in AC or Heat
  • Access to other electronic devices

With a whole home generator by your side, you can still enjoy all of life’s comforts, no matter what’s going on outside your home. At Swaim Electric we provide whole-home generator and installation services to customers in Pittsboro NC, and other cities near Jordan Lake. You’ll never have to worry about finding generator installers near you with Swaim Electric by your side.

Generac Generator Specialists in Pittsboro NC

At Swaim Electric, we believe in providing our customers with the best service possible, which means working with reliable brand names like Generac. Generac generators do more than give back power – they create innovative solutions that have positive, long-lasting effects on homeowners.

As a Generac Generator certified company, Swaim Electric can install our customers’ whole-house generators and provide annual maintenance services. We believe in delivering exceptional service every step of the way, which means going beyond the initial installation. By offering continuous service and maintenance to our customers, we’re able to ensure the best performance from your generator.

If you’re happy with your current Generac generator, but feel it could use some maintenance before another North Carolina storm, contact us to learn more about our maintenance contracts. In addition to our generator installation services, our team also provides generator maintenance in Pittsboro, and other areas near Jordan Lake including Apex, Durham, and Chapel Hill NC.

How Much Does A Whole House Generator Cost?

A whole-house generator is a significant investment, so it’s only natural to wonder how much they cost before making your purchase. However, there is no clear-cut answer to this question.

The cost of a whole house generator greatly depends on the model and size of your generator. If you pick something that can power your entire home, the price might vary compared to a whole home generator that operates six or seven different appliances and objects. Also, the installation costs will vary, depending on the location and site preparation.

At Swaim Electric, we realize and appreciate that you’re making a significant investment when choosing a Generac generator. That’s why we offer customer financing so that you can invest in your future at an affordable price point.

When it comes to generator installation, we make it our mission to provide the best service possible for the best cost. You can’t put a price on peace of mind and protection, but we can guarantee affordable and reliable service for all our customers. Choosing Swaim Electric for generation installation near Jordan Lake, NC, means you’ll receive personalized service every step of the way. Our generator installation services extend to Pittsboro, Apex, Chapel Hill, and Durham NC, so the next time the lights go out, your whole house generator will have your family covered.

Schedule Generator Installation in Pittsboro NC with Swaim Electric

Don’t let the uncertainty of North Carolina weather bring you down. Instead of dreading the next summer storm, you and your family can sit back and enjoy the comforts of home no matter what happens outdoors.

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of a whole house generator, there’s no better time to schedule a generator consultation. Our team of experts understands that there’s a lot that goes into selecting and installing a whole house generator. We’re here to help you every step of the way, from generator selection, placement, installation, and annual service. Our job is to help keep your home protected all year long. We want to ensure your generator operates at peak condition, which means we’ll be there to support you and your generator as much as possible.

At Swaim Electric, generator installation near Jordan Lake, NC, has never been easier. As local generator installers, we know what it takes to get the job done right. If you’re looking for generator installation near you in Pittsboro NC, it’s time to contact Swaim. 

Want to learn more about the advantages of home generators? There’s no better time to download our free guide, the Benefits of Generac Generators, to discover the positive impact generators have on your home and family!

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