Generator Installation and Replacement
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What happens when you lose power?

Sure, it’s no big deal if you’re without the TV and a hairdryer for a few hours (or days). Depending on the weather, you could even stay with friends and family until your power is finally up and running again. However, what are you going to do about items like your refrigerator, electronic devices, terrariums or aquariums, and personal medical equipment when the power goes out?

Without a home generator to back you up in the event of a power outage, you risk losing:

  • Perishable foods in your refrigerator and freezer
  • Pets like fish, reptiles, and other animals who rely on items like water and air filters or heat lamps.
  • Access to personal medical devices like CPAP machines or oxygen therapy equipment.

By investing in a Generac backup generator for your home, you can rest easy knowing that if you lose your main source of power for any reason, Generac has you covered.

Generac Generator unit

How long does the generator installation take?

Typically everything from the initial consult to your final inspections can take several weeks to complete. You’ll want to plan ahead for three to four onsite visits from your technician over the course of two to three weeks. If you don’t currently have gas service to your home you will have to set that up with the local Natural or LP gas company, which can also take a couple of weeks. Keep in mind, your final time frame will depend on your unique situation and factors such as:

  • Required code inspections
  • Gas company installation (if gas is a new service)
  • Location of generator placement relative to electric and gas service.

Swaim Electric Heating and Air Conditioning is a Generac Certified Service Company, meaning we don’t just install your unit and leave you with the task of finding another company to complete the service and maintenance. We can also install a gas line to the generator from your natural or LP service connection. We see you through the generator installation process from start to finish.

For more on which generator is right for your home or how a Generac generator installed by Swaim Electric can protect your home, your wellbeing, and your loved ones in the event of a power outage, check out Swaim Electric’s generator services.

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