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The HVAC system in your home is the heart of the building. It heats the home in the winter, it cools the home in the summer, and it ensures that there is fresh air moving throughout the home at all times. When something is awry with the HVAC system you need to be able to trust a local HVAC in Asheboro, NC, company to make the correct repairs in a timely manner.

Heating the Home

Quite possibly one of the most important aspects of an HVAC system is that it helps heat the home. Even though we live in North Carolina, it doesn’t mean that it can’t get cold during the winter months. Swaim Electric installs furnaces, boilers, and other heating equipment to keep your home warm during a cold Asheboro, NC winter. 

Our experienced team will respond in a timely manner when an issue with your heating system acts up so you are not left out in the cold for too long. You can also schedule us for routine maintenance prior to every winter season to rectify any issues that might be present before it is fired up for the first time.

hvac service asheboro nc

Heater Repair from Experienced Professionals

Issues with a heating system can lead to serious problems if not repaired in a timely manner, especially when there is natural gas tied into your home. Aside from comfort, your safety is of the utmost importance when dealing with a heating system. The HVAC in Asheboro, NC, professionals from Swaim Electric can make sure your heater works properly at all times.

Experience with Electric and Gas Furnaces

The team from Swaim Electric has experience with both electric and gas furnaces, making it easier to diagnose and repair any problems with your heating system. We understand that HVAC in Asheboro, NC, might not be on the top of your mind throughout the year, and only when a problem occurs, which is how we can help. Preventing breakdowns or installing new equipment before it’s too late can help you save money in the long run.

Both Electric and Gas furnaces should be cleaned yearly prior to the first use. You should be mindful of what natural gas smells like in the event of a leak. The minute you smell natural gas, evacuate the home and call 911. The local fire department will respond along with your gas utility company. You can then call Swaim Electric to investigate the source of the leak and make the necessary repairs.

Our skilled team has experience with both electric and gas furnaces. We can make repairs, install both types of systems, and provide routine maintenance to prevent problems from arising when in use.

Install the Best Air Conditioning Brands in Asheboro, NC

HVAC in Asheboro, NC, from Swaim Electric can help you install the best air conditioning brands. We install and service top-of-the-line models as well as just about any model you are interested in on the market today. If it’s time to have a new unit installed in your Asheboro, NC, home, look no further than the team from Swaim Electric. We can answer all of your questions, determine the model best suited for your home, and install the unit before it gets too hot.

Call Our Team for Air Conditioning Repair

You cannot overlook the air conditioner in your home either. As important as the heater is, the air conditioner is just as important, especially in a hot and humid North Carolina summer. It’s best to check the status of the air conditioner before the heat arrives in the spring. Give Swaim Electric a call before the temperatures become unbearable to inspect your AC for any underlying problems. Our team takes pride in determining the problems with your AC, making the necessary repairs, and ensuring that you are getting the coolest air possible in your Asheboro, NC, home.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

A great way to ensure that your entire HVAC system in your Asheboro, NC, home is working properly is to schedule routine maintenance with Swaim Electric. A routine maintenance plan can prevent problems with your heating system or air conditioner before it gets to be too expensive to repair or too deep into the season to stand the extreme cold or high heat. You can schedule to have your heater serviced in October, prior to the winter arriving, and your air conditioner in April, prior to the summer season.

While there are a variety of things you can expect before your HVAC installation, you’ll never question the integrity or longevity of your unit when you hire Swaim Electric.

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