About Swaim Electric

Our goal is to provide service above and beyond what is expected and leave our customers wanting to recommend us again.

Swaim Electric Heating & AC continues to grow by consistently providing good value with honest, reliable service. We know helping our customers confidently invest in our services is our best approach for serving our community and achieving long-term success. So far, we’d say it’s working well for our customers, our team, and our community.

Terry Swaim started to build his independent electrical business in the early 1970s. After landing his first big contract customer, he grew his reputation as the first contractor to refuse a “kick back” payment system.

Terry’s technical expertise, work ethic, and integrity catapulted the business forward to make Swaim Electric Heating and AC a trusted name in the heating, air, and electrical services industry for both commercial and residential projects.  

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Our Team

After over 40 years in business, Swaim Electric Heating and AC is still owned, operated, and led by the Swaim family at every level of our business. From the most basic services to complex management issues, the Swaim family is invested in your satisfaction every step of the way. We’ve spent years hiring, training, and building our team. Many of our employees have been with our company for at least 10 years.

Swaim Employee Danny
Danny Swaim
Swaim Employee Terry
Terry Swaim
Swaim Employee Mark
Swaim Employee Heather
Swaim Employee Scott
Scott B.
Swaim Employee Ian
Swaim Employee Andy
Swaim Employee Bradley
Swaim Employee Elijah
Swaim Employee Patty
Swaim Employee Tony Jr.
Tony Jr.
Swaim Employee Skyler
Swaim Employee Eddie
Swaim Employee Paul
Swaim Employee Tammy
Tyler Sarrette
Swaim Employee Craig
Craig B.
Swaim Employee Jay

Our independent, local business has a reputation for providing our customers with the best products available, but we know that serving our customers and community with nothing less than the same dedication and work ethic we show our own families is the key to remaining a trusted name in the industry and our community.

Helping you find the perfect solution for your home comfort system is a privilege. Our team of licensed professionals look forward to putting their extensive experience and continuous training to good use by helping you make the best decisions for your home comfort needs.

Our Community

At Swaim Electric Heating and AC, our work and dedication to serving others doesn’t stop at individual customer service.

We proudly and happily support the communities where our employees, customers, and families live, work, and play by sponsoring youth sports teams, community events, and civic organizations. Some of our favorite organizations to sponsor are:

  • Various youth sports teams.
  • Future Farmers of America, specifically their outdoor sports teams.
  • Bicycling and running events that empower participants and support the surrounding community.
  • Our local chapter of Civitan International, which connects people with community service opportunities.
Swaim Electric Awards and Honors

Our team believes that with the dedication of volunteers and the support of local businesses, we can encourage one another to serve our neighbors and community and empower children to become caring citizens and future leaders.

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