Trane HVAC Installation in Winston-Salem, NC


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When it comes to your home, there is nothing better than stepping inside after a long day and feeling at ease. However, that all starts with the right temperature, which is customized to suit your needs. While the temperature of your home might not be the first thing that comes to mind once your inside, it’s easily one of the most important parts because it’s based around comfort. 

Feeling the perfect burst of AC, or heating, at a moment’s notice is a small luxury, but essential to keeping your home exactly the way you want it. But, in order to have the exact temperature you’ve been looking for throughout your house, it all starts with the right residential HVAC system.

At Swaim Electric, we believe all our customers deserve comfort 24/7, which is why we are a certified Trane comfort specialist. What this means is we can help you find, install, and service a Trane system that is ideal for you and your family.

When you work with Swaim Electric, you’ll get reliable service from technicians who care about your home, and you can expect:

  • Regulated temperatures, and variable speeds, throughout your home
  • Annual maintenance and service to items like your heat pump and AC unit
  • High-quality air, and filtration in your home
  • Consistent and affordable electric bills, for a more energy-efficient home
  • Installation and service, that will be completed from start to finish
Trane HVAC Installation in Winston Salem
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What to Expect with a Trane HVAC Installation in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Trane HVAC installation in Winston-Salem isn’t something to dread anymore. With Swaim Electric, we will simplify the process as much as possible, so you can get back to what matters most in your home. For a full breakdown of your HVAC installation, check out our blog What to Know Before an HVAC Installation. However, the important things to remember before you buy a Trane unit include:

  • Scheduling times for inspections, and code approval.
  • Flexibility with inspections and installations, but with the right timeline, you should get your unit installed within a few days.
  • Making sure you have the right vents and ductwork installation. If you need assistance, we can help.
  • If you haven’t changed the air filters, do so. These are great energy savers and will keep the airflow entering your home clean and regulated.

Arrange for follow up maintenance after installation. Swaim Electric offers maintenance contracts to all of our customers, to ensure we can keep track of your unit’s health and history.

If you’re ready to find the HVAC unit that fits your lifestyle, take a look at the Trane XL18i and see if it’s the unit that is most compatible with you and your home. All Trane equipment is certified for comfort, support, and provides the heating and cooling system you’ve been looking for.

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