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Do you need triad heating and cooling Asheboro NC?

Living in the Piedmont-Triad area of Asheboro, NC can bring up some unique needs for heating and cooling. Our outdoor temperatures feature some extreme highs and lows and in order to stay comfortable all year a sturdy, reliable, and high performing heating and cooling system is necessary. 

At Swaim Electric we understand your importance for timely and affordable service to your heating and cooling systems. There are several things that we do to ensure our customers are always very well taken care of.

triad heating and cooling asheboro nc

Residential Heating and Cooling

Maybe you are purchasing a new home in the area or your system has reached the end of its useful life. Regardless of your circumstances, it is always worth evaluating your current system and making sure that it’s usefulness and longevity are carefully assessed prior to replacing. 

When it is time to replace your HVAC system, there are quite a few choices out there. At Swaim Electric, we won’t sell a unit that we wouldn’t trust in our own home. 

Potentially the most important thing to remember when considering a new heating or cooling system is ongoing maintenance and upkeep. Your HVAC system needs regular inspections and periodic maintenance. Doing this can result in your system having a longer life expectancy and functioning more efficiently.

Whole-Home Generators

A generator is something you hope to never use. However, it is also something you don’t want to be caught without. If you lose power for any reason, your whole home generator will kick in and start running the essential devices in your home. 

Some people need whole-home generators for medical reasons, others simply prefer the peace of mind when it comes to storms or other local occurrences that can cause power issues, in either case, these generators need to be in top working condition. Making sure your whole home generator is in consistent working conditions takes the eye of a professional. If you have invested in a whole-home generator, then adding a maintenance contract is imperative.

Maintenance Contracts

Many customers wonder whether or not a maintenance contract is worth the expense. Usually, this is because they don’t understand the full scope of services included in the maintenance contract. 

Heating and cooling and whole-home generator maintenance contracts will, in fact, help customers save money. Here are some of the most important reasons to have a maintenance contract with Swaim Electric in place. 


Saving Money

If your HVAC or whole-home generator is not functioning correctly, chances are it will cost you more money. A well-cared-for unit has a much less significant impact on your electric bill. If you are concerned your electric bills are a bit too high with your current system, schedule an inspection today


Catch Issues Before They Get Worse

Losing your HVAC system in the middle of the summer is uncomfortable. When this happens, you will be in a hurry to have everything back to normal as soon as possible. With a maintenance contract in place, this could have been avoided altogether. Sometimes a small issue will show up months in advance. If addressed right away you may never notice a disruption in your heating or cooling system. 


Less Wear On Your Unit

Do you remember the initial cost of your HVAC system? Most people do because of the sticker shock. Some people prefer to wait as long as possible before having to spend this amount again. With a maintenance contract your HVAC or whole-home generator in asheboro will have everything it needs to stay in top working condition. Whether a filter needs to be replaced or oil needs to be changed, these are things you won’t need to worry about with a maintenance contract in place. 

When you add an HVAC system or a whole home generator to your home, it is not quite like installing a light fixture. The HVAC system and the whole home generator need attention. You need a service company that lives in your neighborhood to understand the inner workings of your home, and can help you keep you and your family safe and comfortable.

While there are a variety of things you can expect before your HVAC installation, you’ll never question the integrity or longevity of your unit when you hire Swaim Electric.

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